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Your patient deserves a medical expert

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Short and efficient training for pharmaceutical public

  • Improve education and save time.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce educational costs.

How does it work?

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Competent advice is a key success factor when handling with pharmaceutical products

Pharmacies are much more than just a store with pharmaceutical products. Customers come in for advice about how and which products can help improve their health and well-being. For a competent advice, pharmacists need deep and up-to-date knowledge about pharmaceutical products. To simplify and improve this knowledge sharing we’ve developed an online platform Doctrina, which enables both, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, to reduce educational costs and time, and consequently improve customer satisfaction.

up to 78%

less time for educating pharmacies

Pharmaceutical companies, which have already joined Doctrina, reported of up to 78 % less time for educating pharmacies about their products.

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Pharmaceutical companies

Doctrina enables you to

  • Reach 95 % pharmacists in a given country at once.
  • Get high engagement of pharmacists – 55 % response rate.
  • Get direct feedback from pharmacists.
  • Track learning process in real time.
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By giving your customers a fully informed and comprehensive advice, you can build loyalty and trust.

Customers are more satisfied and their loyalty increases

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Doctrina enables you to


  • Access quality learning material about pharmaceutical products.
  • Direct access to professional advice from pharmaceutical companies.
  • Learn in user friendly format; by video, product managers answer to your professional questions.
  • Learn at your own pace; anytime, from anywhere.
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Join and start benefiting from improved educational process.

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