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Doctrina is an independent platform, developed in cooperation with pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and wholesale pharma company Salus. In one place, it enables quick transfer of knowledge between pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies. Pharmaceutical companies can upload educational material to optimise the educational process. Employees in pharmacies may access this content anywhere and anytime which further enables them to give out a high-quality and professional advice. Hopefully, Doctrina will become an essential part of your everyday work and, above all, will serve your needs perfectly. Knowledge is crucial in the process of counselling and we strive to make it accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

We are a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs with rich experience in health-care marketing, united with a vision to use technology in order to change and improve educational process in pharmacies. Our platform won the Slovenian award for the best start-up in Slovenia in 2014 – Diggit best start-up 2014.

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Some of our trusted partners

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