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Pharmaceutical Companies

Since pharmacies’ customers don’t have adequate medical and pharmaceutical knowledge, they rely on pharmacist’s advice when buying pharmaceutical products or when just asking for a health advice. Therefore, deep and up-to-date knowledge about pharmaceutical products is crucial for pharmacists to consider your product when asked for health advice or to inform them about usage in their particular case. Your task is to transfer this knowledge in the best possible way.

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Distribute product content to all pharmacists at once and reduce educational costs

With Doctrina, online platform connecting pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists, we would like to overcome weaknesses of traditional educating process, done with occasional visiting pharmacies, and simplify and improve it.


Time consuming –1h per visit, without travel and preparation time
High costs – app. 30-50€ per visit
No control over how well pharmacists know the product
Inconsistent knowledge (too many intermediaries, different content)
Inadequate knowledge (lack of attention, intermediaries, not accessible all the time)
Pharmacists might not know where to get answers about products when in doubt


Instant reach up to 95 % pharmacists at once
You prepare educational material once and only pay when pharmacists have learned what you requested
Real-time control over knowledge of products
Consistent knowledge distribution across all channel
Improved knowledge and engagement (they learn when they want and need most)
Direct communication with pharmacists(Q&A) and feedback
We continually broaden the network of pharmacists.
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Easily upload learning content

The main format of learning through Doctrina is video. Videos can be a great medium for learning if done right. They can provoke analyzing and thinking, be re-watched as many times as needed, contain smaller chunks of information, which are easier to absorb. You can easily upload learning material to the platform while we help you to produce videos/courses to get best results. If pharmacies still have questions about products, you can provide answers to their questions directly through the platform.

Pharmaceutical companies which have already joined Doctrina, reported to have saved up to 46 % on educational costs.

up to 46 %

less educational costs

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Instant access to all pharmacists at once

Platform allows you to access all pharmacists at once and give them in-depth information about your products. Now pharmacists can get all the information they need on the platform, anytime and from anywhere. By doing that, your sales force can reduce time spent on what they like to do the least (telling the same story over and over) and focus on what they do best – sell!


more structured visits to pharmacies

You have all the information to effectively plan visits to pharmacies to get the best possible result in educating pharmacists.

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Track how well pharmacists learn about your products

Once your educational content is available to pharmacists, you can track their learning activities on the platform. When and how many videos have they viewed, did they get all needed information, how well did they learn. Platform allows you to test pharmacists’ knowledge about your products and if you see gaps in their knowledge, you can improve your educational content so that they can give the best possible advice to their customers.

92 % pharmacists in pharmacies would rather suggest an OTC product of which they have more information.

400 – 1400%

more sales

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Pay only for successful learned lessons

There is no cost for joining and using Doctrina. You only pay, when pharmacists have learned what you’ve expected. How do we know that? We’re eager to tell you!

Join and start benefiting from improved educational process.

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