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Continuous professional education is not only a professional responsibility and duty of every doctor and dentist, but imperative in modern health care. At a time when medicine is advancing with unprecedented speed, it is necessary to update and upgrade medical medical expertise to ensure safety and quality of practice.

With fewer financial resources available and limited time it is hard to be involved in professional training is . The solution is modern and user-friendly knowledge sharing. Doctrina offers contemporary forms of education. Learn on your own terms to suit your preferences and needs, accesse knowledge anytime and anywhere, with active or passive participation.

200 and more credit points are collected (of 75 required) under the standing postgraduate education for Slovenian doctors in the license period of 7 years.

This shows that Slovenian doctors want to be educated. If tehere was more time and resources available doctors would educate even more. We can provide this.

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Keeping pace with modern medine

With independent educational content we wish to approach contemporary issues in a professional, thorough and interesting way. Because we believe that trusted and verified information is the foundation of education and promotion, we are working with reputable and credible lecturers. Learning is a concise, because we know how valuable your time is.

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IEducate entire multidisciplinary teams with active participation

Educational content is prepared for you or with you. There are virtually no restrictions on topics for doctors, you can transfer knowledge about new medical discoveries, methods, case studies, knowledge of (internal) regulations, practical management, financial or legal practices, to name a few.

Learning is easy, because the greater part of the learning content is produced in video format. Video can be a great educational medium, if used in the right way. It can encourage analysis and reflection, it can be rewatched as many times as necessar or may contain small pieces of information that are easier to learn.

Education on Doctrina is active. In addition to asking questions and answering them, you can follow the audience you want to educate. You can track when and how many videos are accessed, or if they got all the necessary information and how well they learned. If you notice any shortcomings, you can improve educational content. This will improve the satisfaction of your team, as well as the care of your patients.

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Product content

New drugs are part of the medical development and it is important that doctors are familiar with them as thoroughly nad quickly as possible, because information also affects treatment outcomes. Several studies have shown that visits from professional sales representatives as an important source of information on medicines, but doctors do not have time. Online education on particular medicine offers more in-depth information on this product when you want it to, but also allows asking questions and feedback on products.

Traditional forms of education

Knowledge is transmitted once
Continuous workflow, absences from work increases the cost of the institutional costs and organizational problems
Often passive participation
Often high participation fees, travel expenses...
Questions often arise after education
Lacking knowledge; lack of attention with longer lectures; knowledge eventually fade.


Permanent access to an updated base of quality information and knowledge
Self-defined pace of learning as soon as new content is available, or access them wherever and whenever you have time.
Active participation by testing knowledge
Lower training costs
Ask any further questions and get answers
Better knowledge and involvement; information can be accessed anytime, anywhere and be renewed.

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