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For Pharmacists:

The role of the pharmacist has evolved from supplying pharmaceutical products towards supporting patient’s health care. Fulfilling this role is not easy. To ensure that a patient’s therapy is appropriately indicated, the most effective available, the safest possible, and convenient for the patient, pharmacists need deep and up-to-date information about pharmaceutical products, available on the market.

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Get access to deep and up-to-date information about pharmaceutical products, anytime and anywhere

Before, your best sources of knowledge were occasional visits of representatives from pharmaceutical companies. This way some information might get lost easily. To overcome these weaknesses we’ve developed an online platform Doctrina, directly connecting pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies so that you can benefit from improved further training.

Visits of a representative:

Knowledge is transferred only during visits.
Visits interrupted working process and require time from managers and pharmacists.
Inadequate knowledge (lack of attention at visits, knowledge deteriorating in time).
Questions usually arise later not at the time of a visit.


Constant access to quality information about pharmaceutical products.
Pharmacists can learn at their own pace, whenever they want or need the information.
Improved knowledge (they learn on their own terms).
Real-time feedback

Description Pharmacies which have already joined Doctrina, reported to reduce educational time up to 78%.

up to 78%

shorter educational time

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Learn easily and on your own terms

With Doctrina, you can get all information, anytime and anywhere. Learning is easy and on your own terms since most content is always available.

Customers are more satisfied and their loyalty increases

By giving your customers a fully informed and comprehensive advice, you build loyalty and trust.

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Better advice for a more satisfied customer

Pharmacists today are so much more then sellers – they are responsible for customers’ health. When you pass the prescription medicines or sell OTC products, you need enough information to give advice on side effects and how to ease them, interactions with other drugs, instruct customers what to take, how and when. You can also advice customers how to replace costly medication with a different drug with the same effects or to replace a medicine, which they did not take very well. All this helps you build long-term, loyal and trustworthy relationship with a customer.

Product managers from pharmaceutical companies are accessible for your questions. The response rate of answering questions is 100 %.

100 %

questions are answered by product managers

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Direct access to pharmaceutical companies

Whenever you need additional information, you can post a question within the platform and you get the answer from a reliable source from the pharmaceutical company.

Not sure yet if Doctrina is right for you? Don’t hesitate, join for free and try it for yourself.

Ask your manager if your pharmacy has access or inform them about Doctrina.

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