Terms & privacy

Owner and caretaker is company Doctrina d.o.o., Vojkova 63, Ljubljana. User of the portal is anyone who visits any part of the web portal doctrina.biz (user).
1. Definitions

The owner and administrator (hereinafter “Administrator”) of the web portal doctrina.si is Doctrina d.o.o., Vojkova 63, Ljubljana. The user of the web portal is anybody who visits any webpage of Doctrina portal (hereinafter “User”). Web portal Doctrina.si (hereinafter “Portal”) is meant to employees in pharmacies and offers unifying quality of sales services of pharmaceutical products in all pharmacies in Slovenia.

2. User registration

Each User have to register to use the Portal. To do that, User have to enter real data. Impersonation as another person is a criminal offense.

3. User generated content

Portal allows Users to publish training courses, the related video and other files and content, and post comments (hereinafter “User Generated Content”). Required language of User Generated Content is Slovenian. User is committed to provide User Generated Content as a true and lawful. Administrator is not responsible for User Generated Content, published on this Portal. Users own and are responsible for content they publish. Nevertheless, the Administrator reserves the right to delete or edit User Generated Content, for which it considers, in its sole discretion, to violate the law or is otherwise unacceptable. By posting User Generated Content, the User agrees to display it on the Portal and with related promotional use this content. User agrees to notify Administrator of possible infringement of posting User Generated Content.

4. Personal Data Protection and Protection of User Generated Content

Administrator is obliged with the provisions of Slovenian Personal Data Law. Personal data, obtained during User’s registration, are protected and will not be disclosed to third parties without User written consent. All User Generated Content is strictly protected and inaccessible to third parties, except in the case of written consent of the User. User Generated Content is accessible exclusively to professional public.

5. Users Support

Administrator provides all Users professional and technical support about Portal usage, during working hours, published on the Portal. If User has any question or problem related with the use of the Portal, he/she can send the request to email: info@doctrina.si.

6. Copyright Protection

All content on the Portal, except User Generated Content, is owned by the Administrator and is thereby protected by copyright laws. Copyrighted content includes graphic image and all graphic elements of the Portal. Any unauthorized copying and publishing of content on other websites or portals is prohibited, except with the written permission of the Administrator.

7. Limitation of liability

User agrees not to use the Portal for illegal purposes or purposes that may harm the Portal or the Administrator. It is also not allowed to disable or impede the use of the Portal to other Users. The Administrator is not responsible for the accuracy and currency of information published by the User and does not accept responsibility for the actions User take based on the published data. The Administrator is not responsible for any damage that might result from possible technical problems or other disorders of the Portal. The Portal contains links to third-party websites. The Administrator cannot accept responsibility for the privacy practices and content on these sites.

8. Acceptance of Terms

User confirms that he/she has read and accepted the Terms of Use.

9. Change of the Terms of Use

Administrator reserves the right to change the Terms of Use. At each change, the date at the bottom of this document will be changed accordingly.

10. Settlements of disputes

The Administrator will try to resolve all possible disputes in a peaceful way. When all other legal options amicable settlement are exhausted, the District Court in Ljubljana shall have the jurisdiction for the settlement of disputes.

Ljubljana, 04.11.2013